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Be prepared for the GCE A Level History examinations with our JC tuition programmes offered at Bukit Timah Tuition Centre. In addition to the JC History Tuition classes, we also conduct other A Level programmes, such as GP Tuition, Economics Tuition, JC Chemistry Tuition and China Studies in English Tuition.

Our lessons are purpose-driven, in which we emphasise on knowledge enrichment and skills application. Additionally, we have included an online learning feature, whereby students refer to the articles and videos to broaden their understanding of various issues. Then, we guide students to apply their knowledge in a dedicated writing section.

Our JC Tuition

Bukit Timah Tuition Centre features tuition classes organised by notable centres, including JCHistoryTuition.com.sg, that will enrich the thinking and answering abilities of students. The classes are structured in specific ways to prepare students progressively for the ultimate test – the A Level examination. As such, the classes are packed with intellectually stimulating activities that spur students to be proactive in their learning.

JC History Tuition

Students can enrol in the JC History Tuition classes to achieve the competency level that is expected by the GCE A Level examiners. During the tuition classes, students will be trained to think objectively while assessing the given source-based case study questions. Also, students will be taught the skills of writing in concise ways and express their arguments clearly. Mock tests are conducted to monitor the progress of students.

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JCHistoryTuition.com.sg is also featured in other relevant region-based portals, like Tampines Tuition Centres and Bishan Tuition Centres, and level-based portals, like JC Tuition Singapore. Students of JCHistoryTuition.com.sg can refer to these portals to obtain information pertaining to tuition programmes and syllabus updates.

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