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China Studies Tuition
Promo & Prelim Revision

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Feeling lost in class? Want to excel in your school examinations and the upcoming GCE A Levels? Join our China Studies class now and sign yourself up with a dedicated China Studies tutor, who will teach you essential analytical skills for the Case Studies Component and refine your essay-writing techniques. Our classes focus on ample topical revision to sharpen your technical knowledge, which is instrumental in scoring for China Studies essays especially. Towards the examination period, our tutors will place an emphasis on exam-oriented writing techniques and question analysis so that you have the capacity to think quick and write fast – an important asset in examinations.

JC2 CSE Tuition Prelim Revision

Be part of the JC2 intensive revision classes when you will be sufficiently prepped with complex CSQ and essay questions. These Prelim Revision classes aim to build rigorous writing, especially under the stress of an examination, while ensuring that your knowledge are up to par with the GCE A Levels Standard. These are crucial skills as the examination require a deep integration of the four themes (i.e. Political Governance with Economic Development, Society Transformation with Political Legitimacy and International Relations with Economic Resurgence)

JC1 CSE Tuition Promo Revision

Attend our JC1 Promo Revision Classes and build a robust foundation for your essay-writing and CSQ skills. These classes serve to prepare you for your first major examination in JC and ensure that you understand what is covered in the syllabus. Our tutors are ready to assist in your learning and revision, especially in the more complex themes (i.e. Theme 2), where students often find it difficult to connect political concepts with the society and economy of China.

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