Economics Tuition by EconomicsFocus

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Get a headstart in your study for A Level Economics with EconomicsFocus. Our tuition is available for both JC1 and JC2 students, who are taking either H1 or H2 Economics. Read on to find out how our tuition programme can support your academic development, in addition to the JC History Tuition classes offered here.

Why Join our Economics Tuition?

EconomicsFocus has many distinctive features that will benefit your study of the subject. Generally, these features are exam-oriented as our tuition programme offer useful revision JC Economics Notes, Essays and CSQs, that will be instrumental in your process to grasp economics concepts and understand the applicability of knowledge.

1. We inspire you to learn Economics wholeheartedly

Tutors of EconomicsFocus will show you the ropes as you explore different facets of Economics, particularly the two major aspects of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Delve into the wondrous field of Economics as we bring in real-world examples and case studies from various industries to generate interest and show the applicability of knowledge. You will realise that the process of learning Economics is more than the pursuit of academic success at the A Level, rather what you have learnt will become one of the many guiding principles that will shape you to become rational thinkers.

2. We are committed to prepare you for the complexities of examinations

EconomicsFocus offers a wide arsenal of learning resources to support your revision efforts. We understand that it can be an uphill task to organise your own school materials and seek additional questions for self-practice. Therefore, our economics tuition classes, which are organised by chapters, will feature notes, essays and case studies. These learning resources will reinforce your conceptual understanding and provide you with the necessary materials to undergo extensive revision.

Most importantly, we provide FREE STUDY PRACTICE SESSIONS for students who are looking for extra practice questions to prepare for the examinations. These sessions are open to students, who have registered for our regular Economics Tuition classes. Furthermore, during these sessions, you can clarify your doubts on any economics-related matters with our JC Economics Tutors.

We go the extra mile to realise your academic dreams.