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GP Tuition Singapore was formed to provide top quality GP tuition services to students undergoing the A levels. This subject specific portal features reliable tuition centres like who seek to empower students to discover and reach their fullest potential so as to excel in their A level examinations. GP Tuition Singapore features only selected reputable tuition centres so that students and parents will not have to go through the hassle of looking for one.

GP Themes

Just like, GP Tuition Singapore aims to provide students with extensive content knowledge covering a wide range of themes so that students will be exposed to multi-varied perspectives to broaden their horizons to gain an edge over their peers during the examinations. Content is arranged neatly according to themes to facilitate ease of access and is provided in forms of notes, essays and videos. On top of that, it is written and contributed by tutors and industry experts who have with them years of experience so students can be assured that they will be receiving reliable and relevant content.


Education is often seen an integral part of society because it leads to the empowerment of an individual through the acquisition of knowledge. Knowledge can be acquired through, reading, writing and listening, all of which happen on a daily basis. Some argue that education is a key pillar for economic success while others say it perpetuates poverty and income inequality, masking its effectiveness.

Science and Technology

Science and Technology has penetrated every aspect of our daily lives. It has replaced more primitive methods and tools that were adopted previously leading to vast improvements in human development. As the increased use of technology leads us to move towards ‘smart-nation’ building which leads to an increase in quality of living, skeptics have argued against its benefits.

Social Media

As inhabitants living in the 21st century, social media has become a large part of our lives. According to experts, we spend an average of 1hour 40mins a day on social media platforms. No doubt, it has brought us closer to one another, however opponents have argued about the negative repercussions wrought about by its use.


Marriage is defined is a legally or formalized union of two people seen as partners in a personal relationship. Marriage is seen as the bedrock of a society. As the concept of marriage changes over the years due to redefinitions of gender and relationships, so does the foundations of a traditional family and the relevancy of marriage as an institution in our society today.


Culture signifies the ideas, customs and social behaviors of a particular people or society. As our borders become less defined and more open to external influences, some have said it leads to the dilution of a national identity.


Youth, is the period between childhood and adulthood and is often associated with being young and lively. The adolescent years presents youths with bountiful opportunities to pursue their dreams, however with greater responsibilities being put on youths today, it also creates its fair share of problems.

GP Exam Skills

Tutors at GP Tuition Singapore employs techniques similar to ones employed at Tutors are focused on honing students’ techniques through an abundance of class practice sessions and content enrichment lessons to help students develop the essential GP essay and comprehension skills.

GP Essay Writing Skills

Over at GP Tuition Singapore, tutors place emphasis on essay writing skills because it comprises a huge component of the total GP grade. Students are taught the essentials through essay practice sessions whereby tutors will present students with a range of essay questions to broaden their scope and depth of question types. Also mock essay tests are conducted to familiarize and prepare students for the examinations.

GP Comprehension Skills

GP Tuition Singapore also focuses on developing students’ comprehension skills to tackle paper 2 of the GP examinations at the A levels. Not only will tutors expose students to practice papers to help them develop the necessary analytical, inference and answering skills to answer the questions presented to them, tutors will also guide students in a manner that suits their learning style so that they will be able to benefit most from every lesson.

GP Resources

GP Tuition Singapore offers comprehensive GP resources for all students to facilitate and enhance their learning of the subject. Our resources are presented in the same easily digestible manner as the ones found on

GP Notes

GP notes found on the site are written in a concise manner so that students will be able to comprehend them easily. Notes are contributed by tutors and are reviewed on a constant basis so as to ensure its relevancy.

GP Essays

GP Tuition Singapore also provides students with model GP essays they can take reference and emulate from. The GP essays on the site are arranged according to themes and topics so students will be able to find what they are looking for. Also, we provide essay questions for students to practice and hone their essay writing skills.

Intensive Revision

GP Tuition Singapore conducts intensive revision classes for students to help them prepare for their examinations. These intensive revision sessions serve as a way for tutors to impart examination skills to students as well as to help remind students of key conceptual concepts to take note off before attempting the paper. Not only does this reinforce learning, it helps students to gain more confidence before the paper.

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