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Join our JC Tuition classes offered by JC Tuition Singapore to be ready for the challenges of the GCE A Level examinations. At our Bishan Tuition centre, we offer GP, Economics, JC Math, JC Chemistry, JC History and China Studies in English Tuition. Be inspired by our passionate and experienced tutors, who will impart you with essential knowledge and skills to tackle both the basics and advanced questions. Additionally, we believe that learning should be an enriching and enjoyable journey.

JC Tuition Classes

As the attainment of academic success is of paramount importance to students, who are gearing up for the final hurdle of their educational journey, JC Tuition Singapore features tuition programmes offered by our JC Tuition specialists, who will guide you towards the goal of attaining Grade A for the GCE A Level examinations.

JC History Tuition

For JC History Tuition, we teach you to think critically and write clearly. In view of the vast areas of learning as stated by the syllabus requirements, it is imperative for you to grasp the key ideas through thematic class discussions. Additionally, you will learn to apply their knowledge to essay and source based case study questions.

Economics Tuition

For Economics Tuition, JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng adopts an apps-based learning approach to enhance your study of A Level Economics. In particular, there are two apps – the JC Economics Study and EconomicsFocus Magazine – that will enrich your learning. By doing so, you will be able to answer essay and case study questions effectively.

GP Tuition

For GP Tuition, JC GP Tutor Simon Ng has developed two educational mobile applications, namely the GP Study and GP Frontier Magazine, which are essential in imparting you with the knowledge of various GP issues. During issue-based class discussions, you will learn to identify the key arguments from multiple perspectives to handle essay and comprehension questions.

JC Math Tuition

For JC Math Tuition, you will learn to handle questions from various chapters as well as integrated questions that are likely to be tested at the examinations. Familiarise yourself with the fundamental Math concepts via our topical re-teaching lessons. Furthermore, as the examination approaches, you can attend the intensive revision classes to undergo regular practices.

JC Chemistry Tuition

For JC Chemistry Tuition, we encourage students to build a firm foundation in each theme for the science subject. Each theme will be accompanied with a set of summary notes that explains the key definitions and experimental setups. Then, you will learn to apply your newfound knowledge to multiple choice and structured questions for examination preparation.

China Studies in English Tuition

For China Studies in English Tuition, we nurture students to become inquisitive learners as we explore various issues pertaining to modern China. Following the momentous period of 1978 and beyond, you will examine the political, economic and social-cultural implications that are assessed in the source based case study and essay questions through thematic practices.

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