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Thematic recap & free writing practices.

A Level Final Revision

JC History Tuition
A Level Final Revision

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Free writing practices for all who sign up

Join our 10-lesson JC2 H1 or H2 History Tuition to have an immersive and enriching learning experience. Our online learning programmes feature thematic discussion of key topics, summarised study notes and skill-oriented class practices. You will learn to identify the question requirements quickly and derive sound arguments systematically.

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JC1 History Tuition

For JC1 H1 and H2 History Tuition, we will be covering topics that are likely to be tested during the Promotional examination in October. For H2 History, we will look at topics like Approaches to National Unity and The End of Bipolarity. For H1 History, we will look at the United Nations and also the Cold War case study topics.

JC2 History Tuition

For JC2 students, our H1 and H2 History Tuition programmes feature 10 lessons from September to November to prepare for the upcoming A Level examination. Consolidate what you have learnt since last year to find out if you are ready. We will re-look at past topics like The United NationsApproaches to Governance as well as recently studied topics like ASEAN and Asian Financial Crisis. Also, all students who sign up now will get exclusive access to our free writing practices!

Free Writing Practices

Refine your writing techniques to improve your knowledge application.

Our JC History Tuition Online programme features FREE writing practices for H1 and H2 students to review your conceptual understanding and application. Each practice session lasts for an hour, in which students are required to complete either a full essay or source based case study question. Then, a post-practice discussion will be held in the live-streamed class to broaden knowledge application.

  • Improve your time management skills by doing full practices
  • Consult the tutor to identify and correct your writing errors

Browse the schedule to find out what are the upcoming free writing practices!

Topic Time-slot
United Nations I 27 Sept (Mon) 8pm-10pm
Approaches to Governance & National Unity I 29 Sept (Wed) 8pm-10pm
Superpower Relations with China (H1) 1 Oct (Fri) 4.30pm-5.30pm
Approaches to Governance & National Unity II 4 Oct (Mon) 8pm-10pm
United Nations II 6 Oct (Wed) 8pm-10pm
Cold War SBCS I 11 Oct (Mon) 8pm-10pm
Global Economy & Asian Tigers I 13 Oct (Wed) 8pm-10pm
Globl Economy & Asian Tigers II 18 Oct (Mon) 8pm-10pm
Economic Development of SEA & Asian Financial Crisis I 20 Oct (Wed) 8pm-10pm
Inter-state Tensions & ASEAN SBCS I 25 Oct (Mon) 8pm-10pm
Cold War SBCS II 27 Oct (Wed) 8pm-10pm
Economic Development of SEA & Asian Financial Crisis II 1 Nov (Mon) 8pm-10pm
Inter-state Tensions & ASEAN SBCS II 3 Nov (Wed) 8pm-10pm

What we do during our JC History Tuition

Be prepared for GCE A Level History by joining our JC History Tuition to tackle the challenges of A Level History. Our exam-focused programmes will aid you in your journey to achieve academic success. We can realise your aspirations with the following three major features:

1. Content Enrichment

Our JC History Tuition will impart you with the essential knowledge to comprehend historical issues via the use of concise revision materials to guide you in the right direction. In addition, our lessons include class discussions to promote interaction, which is vital for reflective thinking to facilitate knowledge comprehension and improve memory retention.

2. Essay Writing Skills

Learn to arrange your ideas to form persuasive arguments with our essay writing skills programme. Our JC History Tuition will impart you with essay writing skills, like question analysis, outline setting and paragraph development. We adopt our step-by-step teaching approach to ensure that you will develop each specific skillset productively through the use of example essay questions for demonstration and class practices.

3. Source-Based Questions Answering Techniques

Delve into the intricacies of source-based case study questions (or SBQ, in short) to excel in A Level History. The JC History Tuition programme will cover critical areas, such as information extraction, source comparison, as well as tone and purpose analysis. We feature modified past examination questions to illustrate the applicability and effectiveness of such writing skills that you can emulate and acquire with our regular class practices, which are conducted at the end of each teaching segment.

Learn. Inspire. Excel.

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Essays, SBQs and Notes

Be informed in the latest A Level History matters

In this section, you can learn more about the useful learning resources that JCHistoryTuition.com.sg has provided to students. These resources are developed by our very own JC History Tutor, Mr Justin Ng, who will guide students through the study of A Level History as they strive to realise their aims. Our Learning Resources feature a wide range of materials, such as JC History Essays, SBQs and Notes, which will be useful for revision. Also, we will cover general topics, like time management and other useful tips.

JC History Tuition Online - Why did Khrushchev place Soviet missiles in Cuba - Cold War Notes

Why did Khrushchev place Soviet missiles in Cuba?

Consider the Soviet viewpoint to understand how the Cuban Missile Crisis began.
JC History Tuition Online - ASEAN - What caused the Sino-Vietnamese War

What caused the Sino-Vietnamese War of 1979?

Find out what happened in the Sino-Vietnamese War, which later affected the developments of the Third Indochina War.
JC History Tuition Online - What are the five regional groups of the United Nations General Assembly

What are the five regional groups of the United Nations General Assembly?

Learn more about regional groups that are formed in the General Assembly.

Hear from former students

Read on to find out how our past students have benefited significantly from our JC History Tuition programme. We are glad to share with you their past learning experiences. We believe that you can do the same, as long as you have the desire to strive for excellence. Their utmost dedication and perseverance have paid off as these students uncovered the areas of improvement and gave their best to raise their writing competency.

Despite attending only 3 months’ worth of lessons (J2 final A Level revision), my grades soared from an ‘E’ to an ‘A’. Justin is a knowledgeable and patient teacher with effective teaching methods. He focuses on ensuring that his students are able to interpret and answer questions accurately. A dedicated teacher, Justin goes the extra mile by planning optional timed practices, meticulously marking extra work and arranging private consult sessions to provide individual feedback. In all, I strongly recommend students who are struggling with history to attend his classes.

I benefited a lot from the structured notes history tuition provided, and the frequent timed trials conducted. Furthermore, I learnt specific ways to approach history essays and SBQ instead of being constantly intimidated by the sheer amount of information school notes provide. Justin is also an extremely patient and considerate teacher who always makes sure that we understand difficult concepts, and clarify doubts tirelessly. Since I began tuition in JC1, my grades have improved from C at promos to A for A Levels.

I am writing to express my sincere thank to you for guiding my daughter to ace history. Thank you for building her confidence and giving her the motivation to push on during her preparation for A level. She began to enjoy studying history after attending your lessons and I think that was a crucial factor which enabled her to excel. We are very grateful to you. Thank you for being such a wonderful tutor!

H1 History was always a struggle for me in JC. However, after joining Mr Justin’s History Tuition just before my JC2 mid-year exams, I noticed a gradual improvement in my history grades. Mr Justin exposed me to many question types for the essay component and equipped me with a myriad of technical vocabulary that enabled me to articulate my ideas adequately. He also encouraged me to send online essays, which he would promptly mark with meticulous care. Due to his congenial nature, approaching him for consults to clarify any doubts was easy.

Justin’s notes were extremely effective in providing an overview of the various chapters, and his insights regarding possible essay questions were essential in aiding in the A level preparation period. He is extremely patient and has been a hardworking tutor, working around the clock to ensure my work is reviewed in time. He encourages and facilitates active discussions in class, and through such works have allowed us to clarify and share ideas. Without him I wouldn’t have achieved the ‘A’ in H2 History.

Justin has helped me greatly through H2 A’ level History. He provided notes that were thorough and went through many essays to help me understand how to write a coherent history essay. He was very patient and under his guidance, I was able to improve greatly from the end of J1 to J2. Thank you very much, Justin!

Having been under Justin’s tutelage, I have found that his teaching methods are highly effective. This is exemplified by how the short amount of time I spent with him turned my grades from U’s to a B during the A levels. Justin’s teaching methods are straightforward and intensive. And during the tuition sessions he would pose thought provoking questions that force students to be more analytical in their approach towards the subject.

Throughout my entire academic life thus far, I have rarely come across a teacher that genuinely cares about his students well-being and their understanding of the subject. But Justin has proven himself to be just as such. He teaching methods are practical and methodical. And he inspires to bring out the best in his students.

I am glad that I have chosen JCHistoryTuition.com.sg while pursuing history. Despite, not having a background in history but Justin has definitely equipped me with the necessary skills to score in the A levels. Justin focuses on developing strategic techniques essential to perform in major examinations. For instance, the crafting of standardized paragraphs and essay outlines aims to minimize the wastage of time and provides a structure to the essays which gives me an edge over the others; given that my essay is clear and to the point.

All in all, JCHistoryTuition.com.sg is an excellent place that prepares its students for exams through its rigorous system as well as its friendly and competent tutor, Justin.

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