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Every journey begins with a single step

Why start now? If you believe that you have what it takes to overcome the odds and emerge victorious at the end, stick to the plan and give it your very best. This advice can be applied to not only our study of A Level History, but also in other aspects of your life. It is through consistent preparation and commitment to your plan that will make your dreams come true.

Making every second count In preparation for the exciting year of 2018, JCHistoryTuition.com.sg will feature different areas of discussion to aid you, as a JC student aspiring for success, to pursue your goals. Subsequent articles would discuss various topics, like the essentials of essay writing, source-based case study questions and A Level History content. Also, the articles will cover general issues to guide you on your journey for academic success, such as motivation, stress and time management.

Work towards your goal Think of your journey as a marathon, rather than a sprint.

Education is a continual process that requires persistence. Go forth, one step at a time. You will discover the interesting facets of History and the more important implication of learning, which shapes your personal development.

Along the way, it is inevitable that you will encounter obstacles. Do not be discouraged. Avoid perceiving these obstacles as mere setbacks. Rather, hold the thought that they are learning opportunities for you to grow and become stronger as a student. A SMART LEARNER does not give up that easily. You can do it!

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