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How to study A Level History effectively during holidays?

Make every day count
In view of the upcoming March holiday week, it is crucial for JC students to take stock of their progress. For JC 1 students, it may seem like a daunting task to approach the A Level History subject, given the vast depth of historical information. As for JC 2 students, most are at the stage of consolidating their knowledge of new topics, such as the Global Economy (H2 History) and Superpower Relations with China (H1 History). All in all, the one week break is an important phase to re-assess the situation by identifying any study issues and resolving them in a systematic and productive way.

1. Organise your materials
Given the hectic schedule of JC students, it is typical for some to pile up study notes, question papers and marked scripts in a disorganised fashion. However, the problem of misplacing learning materials can be costly. It may even be a frustrating experience to search high and low for relevant documents to revise specific topics.

To avert such an unpleasant situation, you should put in the time to arrange your materials. One cost-effective method is to use separate files or folders to organise the papers. Alternatively, you can switch to a more eco-friendly way for easy access. Setup a folder in your digital device, such as a laptop or tablet, then keep your History materials inside.

2. Revise content productively
A common error that some JC students make while studying A Level History is to spend considerable time on reading to grasp the historical developments covered in different topics. Although some may find it useful to know the intricacies of key events, like the origins of the Truman Doctrine that caused the start of the Cold War, they will encounter difficulties in expressing their ideas clearly to answer essay questions and source based case studies.

The crux of the issue lies with the way A Level History questions are set. These questions do not test your ability to regurgitate factual information, like the functions of the United Nations Security Council. Instead, the examiners are assessing your capability in analysing past events and deriving cohesive arguments. Therefore, it is imperative for students to recognise this concern and make relevant adjustments to their study methods when doing revision.

“It’s not how we make mistakes, but how we correct them that defines us.”

— Rachel Wolchin

How our JC History Tuition prepares you for the examination?
If you are unsure of the appropriate responses to address the above-mentioned issues, our JC History Tuition programme will assist you in handling them. JC 1 and JC 2 students who are taking either H2 History or H1 History will receive concise study notes to revise for various topics. These learning materials have been refined to match the key perspectives that are commonly featured in a wide range of examination questions.

Additionally, our regular tuition covers thematic content discussion to guide you through the process of studying the topics meaningfully. You will learn how to use the notes to remember key factual information in a systematic way, such that you will grasp its application in different forms.

As you prepare for your Common Tests, Block Tests or even the major assessments like the JC 1 Promotional examinations and JC 2 Preliminary examinations, our JC History Tuition programme features free writing practices. These practices are held fortnightly to get you accustomed to the time constraints. Also, your practices are marked and reviewed by the tutor.

The H2 and H1 History Tuition feature online discussion and writing practices to enhance your knowledge application skills. Get useful study notes and clarify your doubts on the subject with the tutor. You can also follow our Telegram Channel to get useful updates.

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